Frequently asked questions

How does SGYM 01 work?

SGYM 01 is based on the Gravio Edge Computing IoT platform that connects to sensors. In other words, rather than sending any data to the cloud or to the internet, the data is collected and processed locally on-site. This provides additional performance, privacy, data ownership and security. The sensors communicate to the edge computer (typically a Raspberry Pi, a Windows or a Macintosh machine) via Zigbee protocol.

How does SGYM 01 get installed?

The sensors are low maintenance small sensors that can be stuck to any flat surface such as glass, wall, ceiling, doors or windows using double-sided sticky tape. The sensors are battery operated and the battery lasts for approximately 2 years. Within the sensors' range, the edge computer will run. This could be any Windows, Mac or Linux (including Raspberry Pi) machine. The range can be up to 60 meters, depending on the topography. The installation process includes of an evaluation where to place the sensors and the edge computer, connecting them up and configuring the edge computer.

What are the costs of SGYM 01

The costs are depending on the use cases. The lowest pricing starts at around £250 per month and includes 20 sensors and 2 dongles. You can have as many Gravio Edge Servers as you like.

What if a Sensor needs battery changed?

The batteries are standard clock batteries and easily exchanged. In the unlikely case that a sensor stops working, we will replace the sensor free of charge as part of the rental agreement.

What is the benefit of using SGYM 01?

SGYM 01 is different from most other systems in the sense that it's not cloud based but edge based. Nevertheless it can connect to systems such as Office 365, Google Analytics, third party dashboard or analytics software.

Where do you have the nice pictures on this homepage from?

Some of them are from unsplash.com, for example the main image is by Humphrey Muleba, https://unsplash.com/photos/LOA2mTj1vhc



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