Re-Gaining Customers' Confidence in Clean Spaces during Covid-19


Automatic detection of clean spaces

SmartClean detects which areas already have been cleaned using either visual sensors (directly from CCTV) or from confirmation buttons that have to be activated.


Humidity and Air Quality Alerts

To prevent infection, spaces have to be aired accordingly. SmartClean detects air quality and notifies personell when it is time to air a space.


Added Interactivity

 Add a layer of interactivity in your space by installing buttons that trigger actions such as update or publish cleaning schedules, verification information or notifications.


Up-Smart your CCTV

Our system integrates smoothly in any modern CCTV system so you can leverage AI to gather useful data from your cameras.

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Get in touch to learn more

 Want to know more about the SmartClean solution? The system starts at a price of £250 / month. Get in touch with us and we can explore if SmartClean is the right solution for your needs.


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Ryota Motojima, Product Manager, Lenovo Japan


Based on Gravio, the IoT Edge Platform